MSI has always adhered to the four business philosophy of “excellent products, excellent quality, perfect service, and customer satisfaction” for 20 years, and strives to make every product with the “MSI” logo the first choice in the minds of many consumers. Guarantee, Customer Confidence” is the highest guiding principle of MSI. Specializing in the design and manufacture of motherboards and various graphics cards, based on the persistence of customer satisfaction, it has stood out through strict tests and has become the world’s top five and Taiwan’s top three motherboard manufacturers; it is also China’s top three motherboard manufacturers. The largest server manufacturer in Taiwan and the top five in the world. The performance of graphics cards is even more impressive. On average, an MSI graphics card is born every 2.8 seconds. Seventy million MSI graphics card users have made MSI the most popular graphics card brand in the world, and it has been ranked for four consecutive years. Global graphics card sales champion reputation.

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